Ten Energy Breakthroughs of 2014 by National Geographic

Got a minute or two?  Take a quick peak at this article put out by National Geographic

news.  The articles topic is Ten Energy Breakthroughs of 2014 that can have life                  

changing effects.   Some of the topics they discuss are;

1. Lockheed Martin's high-beta fusion reactor. 
2. Carbon-capture coal plant
3. A leaner Ford F-150
4. Toyota's $57,000 fuel-cell car
5.  BMW's long-range electric vehicle
6. Airbus's all-electric trainer plane
7. Apple's smart home
8. Non-LED efficient light bulb
9. Cheaper and better LEDs

I'm not quite sure where the number 10 breakthrough ended up, but I can't seem to                              
find it in the article.

Oh well, its worth the five minutes to read through the contents anyway for you energy techie geeks.



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