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Eco Friendly Household Cleaner Recipes

windshield wiper fluid-vinegar, water and a splash of rubbing alcohol. 

Metal Cleaner
Brass-ketchup for polishing.
Silver-baking soda, water, salt and aluminum foil makes a cleansing bath for silver products.
Copper-rub item lightly with fine table salt dampened with vinegar and lemon juice.
Chrome-rubbing alcohol & hot water OR ammonia & hot water OR white flour on a damp towel.  

Carpet stain remover-club soda & salt  OR 1:3 part mixture of vinegar and water. Pour either mixture onto the stains-let sit for 5 minutes and dab dry.

Wooden furniture- 1 gallon water, 2 cap fulls of baby oil and 1/2 cup of vinegar.

Air Fresheners-  Simmer: cinnamon sticks, orange peel, cloves and water for a wonderful natural scent throughout your house.  To absorb odors-use baking soda in small bowl or dish and place in your refridgerator, bathroom, garbage can, anywhere there is a tendency to capture odors. 

Garbage disposal freshener-Grind ice and lemon juice together.  This will also work by us…

Simple Energy Saving Tip for Business & Home

I was stunned to see this statistic, what do you think? 
When you are leaving your office, desk, home, or other location with a computer or other electrical items; flip off the switch on your power strip OR turn off the computer, stereo, tv, etc...  In the United States alone - businesses' waste $1,000,000,000. worth of electricity per year.
When leaving to play golf - shut it off !!
Have the day off - shut it off !!
Going to Lunch-put it to sleep!!
During the day, setting your computer to sleep mode during lunch and other breaks can cut energy use 70%.
Screen savers do not save energy ~

Small Steps To Go GREEN

Do your part in living green - here are a few ideas of simple changes that can be made around the house to conserve.

Plant a garden

Unplug unused electric items 

Change lightbulbs to CFL's

Create homemade compost bin for fifteen dollars

switch one appliance to energy efficient with the intent of changing all.

D/C using disposable bags, use reusable or make your own.

Stop bying plastic bottles and use reusable water bottles.

wash laundry in cold water vs. hot water

 keep lights off and use natural lights for as long as daylight

hang out by candle light

walk or bike to replace one errand/week

pay bills online

stop receiving paper mail

use both sides of your paper

reuse your paper/magazines/newspaper as wrapping paper, kids crafts, shipping, gerbal, hamster...