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Recycling 101 Tip

Stop, don't throw out that fabric softener dryer sheet after you use it !!  This is a multi-purpose cleaning tool.  It has a bit of an abrasiveness( i buy store brand) to it, so it does scrub off dirt.  I really like them for cleaning mirrors and glass-sparkle without the streak.  Thanks for stopping by.

For all the Science Techies--Reduce CO2 w/ Layered Double Hydroxide LDH's...

'Scrubbing' carbon dioxide (CO2) from industrial exhaust gases is one of the critical steps needed to reduce CO2 emissions. It remains a major challenge for researchers, however, to find materials that can reliably soak up CO2 under the extreme conditions common to real-world industrial processes. A study by Jizhong Luo and co-workers from the A*STAR Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences in Singapore now promises to help mitigate CO2 emissions by uncovering never-before-seen structural details of high-temperature sorption materials called layered double hydroxides (LDHs).

From crankcase to gas tank: New microwave method converts used motor oil into fuel

"Transforming used motor oil into gasoline can help solve two problems at once," said study leader Howard Chase, Professor of Biochemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. "It provides a new use for a waste material that's too-often disposed of improperly, with harm to the environment. In addition, it provides a supplemental fuel source for an energy-hungry world." Estimates suggest that changing the oil in cars and trucks produces about 8 billion gallons of used motor oil each year around the world. In the United States and some other countries, some of that dirty oil is collected and re-refined into new lubricating oil or processed and burned in special furnaces to heat buildings. Chase noted, however, that such uses are far from

Earth Day Participation - everyone likes candle light?

One simple and affordable thing you can do to participate in this years Earth Day celebration is to live and play by candle light. pledge to yourself; one, two, three hours of candle time and see how it goes. You may enjoy it so much that you no longer flick the light switch.

Celebrate Earth Day !! Pick 5 for your environment here

Pick 5 for YOUR environment! Environmental action can mean doing different things in different places, but it begins by taking the simple steps where you live. Doing your part means doing what you can do. By choosing five or more of these ideas and sharing your own, you are joining thousands of others who are doing the same. Together we can make the biggest difference, so make your actions count today!

Waste Counter-the Year 2011-watch the numbers fly !!

What are the Fastest Growing Industries for Job Hunters?

Job hunting? Check out the fastest growing industries

When you're job hunting, knowing which industries are hiring is part of the battle. In the midst of high unemployment in the private sector, some industries are still emerging as safe bets for the coming years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook. With anything from home health care to finance showing steady demand, you're bound to find opportunity.

Here's which industries are experiencing high growth:  

Top Ten Cleantech Cities in the United States

There are numerous cities across the United States which can be considered “cleantech capitals.” With a large array of renewable resources, a dedication by businesses and homeowners to become more energy efficient, and a large hub for research and development, a lot can be accomplished when it comes to creating new, efficient and sustainable clean technologies. There are many factors that make up a “capital for cleantech,” and although there are more than ten cities around the nation that are involved in clean technologies, here are ten of the top cities.

Sustainable Economy Conference 5/2/2011 8:30am - 5:00pm (click to view more details)

Tracey's Graphical Resume

ECycling (computers, cell phones & electronics) Podcasts via EPA

Up to date information and statistics on the recycling of computers, cell phones and other electronics.

CHINA - Turning trash into gold !! Capable of providing power to 100,000 homes

Huangjin Mountain Garbage burning power plant integrated with power grid and generating power. March 20th, The Huangjin Mountain garbage burning power plant finished it’s experimental phase and successfully began “eating garbage” to provide power for local citizens.

At 10:42pm March 20th there was an atmosphere of ecstatic welcoming at the facilities of the Huangjin Mountain garbage burning power plant. With the round the clock work of dozens of technical staff for over 500 days they successfully turned trash into treasure. Using high tech methods they are producing clean power from garbage, and through the Central China Power Grid are lighting up countless homes. In this moment Huangshi city has achieved their waste management dream of “decreased volume, harmlessness and conversion into a resource”.

Beverage Cans and Bottles-Landfilled, Littered & Incinerated in US - this YEAR!

Career Center for OilOnLine- Hiring Process begins 3/28/2011

Are you searching for work within the Energy/Environmental field?
Have you always wanted to make a career change to a "green" career, but just never took the step?
Take a look at OilOnline! Visit their career center-they are beginning their hiring process on March 28, 2011.
Why not upload your resume?
I just finished uploading mine and completing the painless procedure...

Green TV Online - abundant resource for the Green enthusiast !

Here is a great resource for those interested in making the planet a better place for our children.  A few of the current topics they are covering at the moment are:

1. Beyond organic: The next step in sustainable living
2. Skin care for the runny nose
3. 11 ways to age gracefully
4. Five quick tips for spring lawn care
5. Corporations going green
6. Miso soup: Powerful antidote to radiation
7. What's best for my computer: Hibernate, sleep, or shut down?
8. What not to put down your drain
9. Are CFL bulbs a health hazard?
10. Curving wood floors make less waste

PDF - Stanford University - Global Issues

Take a look inside!

Becoming ONE with Nature by EATING BUGS

Eating Bugs

Many bugs are edible; however bugs are not normally viewed as food in Western culture. Yet Non-western and indigenous societies have always eaten bugs.

Military survival manuals indicate that insects are an ideal food alternative. Nutritionists likewise report most bugs are good for your health.

And there is arguably no more intimate way of getting to know nature than by handling it with bare hands and even, yes, eating it.

Most insects are edible. Open your mind and then your mouth will open. Otherwise open your mouth anyway and your mind might open too!

Another hint: Catching them is half the fun.

Start with some research and start slowly e.g., I roasted a few cicadas this last semester - they taste like chicken, but they've got lots of crunchy bits. But now I'd be a lot more confident about catching them and eating them again:

The tell-tale signs that you might be a greenie

You might be a greenie if...'ve managed to reduce the volume of waste that your household produces to such an impressive degree that your garbage man occasionally knocks on your front door just to make sure that you're still breathing. haven't bought a new piece of clothing in years because everything you own finally came back in style again. reuse the same tea bag so many times that the water in your cup is a lovely shade of 'clear'. get a little giddy every time you go out into your backyard to turn your compost pile.'ve accumulated so many reusable shopping bags that their sheer weight in the back seat of your car has compromised your gas mileage. try to repurpose confounding items such as used Band-Aids, the small plastic safety caps from your diabetic cat's insulin needles and the silica packets from all of your herbal supplements.'ve frozen so many leftovers that you ran out of conventional storage …

5 Simple Things You Can Do To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

How many of us feel like they just can't make a difference in the current environmental status of our planet? What can one person do with the daunting fact that, The Earths surface is ~197,060,800 square miles....
One person can make a difference--and a very big difference !!

Idea #1. Change all the light bulbs in your home/office/classroom, compact fluorescent bulbs. "If just one lightbulb was replaced with a compact fluorescent bulb in every American home, it would save enough energy to power 3 million homes for a year, prevent the emission of greenhouse gases equivalent to that of 800,000 cars, and save over $600 million in energy costs," says Maria Vargas, EnergyStar spokeswoman at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Idea #2. Unplug it when not in use--household items, (toaster, tv, stereo, cell phone, hair straightener, etc..) 75% of the energy that these appliances use is during power off mode while s…

Number of beverage cans and bottles-landfilled, littered or incinerated in US this year !