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Green Your Holiday Season

A NEW LIFE FOR OLD CARDS What's the perfect way to recycle-- Yuletide greeting cards and keep your kids busy on a wintry day? Have them cut their favorite images and details from the cards and then turn them into gift tags or tape them to a window for a cheery display.

BROWN-PAPER PACKAGES ARE A FAVORITE THING Inspired by the Erdmann family of Nutley, New Jersey, try going brown with holiday wrapping paper. Simply stamp the paper with a cookie cutter dipped in paint. When the paint is dry, wrap the present and tie it with ribbon or -- for "Sound of Music" fans -- with string.

POP-DOWN TO CHRISTMAS Inspired by an idea from the Hales family of South Jordan, Utah, this bubble packaging countdown calendar offers a daily burst of fun, so you'll probably have to make one for each family member.

To make a Christmas countdown calendar, cut a tree shape with 24 bubbles from bubble packaging (as shown), use glue dots or double-sided tape to attach it to a piece of paper, …

Veterans Day 2011 !!