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Protect Our Land: Say NO To Tar Sands

Click here to tell Secretary Clinton to put our health and safety first, not Big Oil profits and pass it on to your friends!!

Recycle Your Sex Toys?

This is a topic that I can honestly admit has never crossed my mind; recycling those unmentionable "toys"..... Hmm, so whats the answer you ask?

Yes, the rubber, silicone and certain metals can be recycled just as any other product of the same makeup would be recycled.

Doesn't this sound a bit, gross??  I agree but am maintaining an open mind for when the time comes and I need to "update" my "stash".

Check out the link for some information on recycling those sex toys that have run too many miles.

Do You Know What You Are Going To Do Over Memorial Day Weekend? Need Help?

Click here to read about a gnarly event that will occur in Charlotte, NC for the Memorial Day Weekend.

15 Reasons to Fall in Love with Your Bike for National Bike to Work Day - Sustainability: business, life, environment | Taiga Company

Ride Your Bike To Work Day This Friday

Do you have a bike or have access to a bike?  Join in and due your part (why not-you have nothing to lose aside from a few hundred calories). 

 Friday, May 20th is "bike to work day" across the US and all walks of life are encouraged to join in and do their part (Reduce your Carbon footprint).  Friends of mine will be turning friday into a family event- with the parents and kids all on bikes-off to school and work they will go.

The EPA is encouraging Americans to bring a camera along on their bike ride - to document the trip.  They would like to have your pictures submitted to:

Have fun and don't forget your helmet.

'Greenversations' Blog For Sharing Thoughts on Bike to Work Day..

Memorial Day in Charlotte NC on the Behance Network

"EPA Delays Rule on Industrial Emissions"

Where Can You Recycle Your Rechargeable Batteries ??

Rechargeable batteries come in all shapes and sizes used across a wide variety of areas, from your car to your wireless phone. Many of the materials within these batteries, such as lead, plastic and metal, are recyclable. Rechargeable batteries can be recycled through mail-in, drop-off or take-back programs. In fact, many states prohibit throwing batteries in the trash.

Do You Really Need That Huge Paper Phonebook Sitting Around Your Home?

What with the digital technology today the phone book has become obsolete as it takes too long to search and doesn't supply the extensive amounts of information a simple Google search can provide. 

Did you know that 660,000 phone books end up in landfills every year? An estimated 5 million trees are cut down each year to create those white & yellow pages that just collect dust in your home.

 We can do our part by recycling these very "recyclable" items.  The books are often made of recyclable paper and other wood products that can be reused if the phone book owner just does his part.
So, what should you do with the phone book and in some cases, the phone books never used and just laying around the house?

Just click the link:

Are you interested in taking it a step further?  
Just click the link below to sign the "ban the phone book" petition.

Its Nice to See The US Military Taking Charge of Their Carbon Footprint

The U.S. Navy Is Hard Core About Going Green
Eighteen months ago, the U.S. Navy announced it would source roughly half of its energy from alternative sources by 2020.
Read more:

"House Passes a Bill to Expand Offshore Oil Drilling" | SEJ

Blonde Hair & Blue Eyes at the Brewery

As you may have noticed, I've been trying my hand with the pen and writing.  This is my very first murder mystery and I need alot of practice.  Click the Link and keep an open mind.

NYC Going GREEN-take a look at the new taxi cabs

Do You Know How Long Plastic Items Remain In a Landfill?

We all know how long it takes plastic to decompose, don't we?  The decomposition rate of Plastic is environmentally dependant and can have significant differences based on the ecology of the geography and the type of plastic.  Polystyrene , Polyvinyle Acetate, Polyvinylchloride and a few other plastics, decompose quickly when exposed to increase uv rays and periodic weather changes.  Polyvinylfluoride - we know this as Teflon and it is nearly indestructable.
Plastic Decomposition Timeline: Plastic beverage bottles: 450 years Monofilament fishing line: 600 years Plastic film canister: 20-30 years Plastic bag: 10-20 years (???) Hard plastic containers - 10-20 years Six pack rings - 400 years>

Study: Flame retardant found in small butter sample

A stick of butter purchased at a Dallas grocery story contained high levels of a flame retardant used in electronics, according to environmental scientists at the University of Texas School of Public Health. The butter was contaminated with a chemical called polybrominated diphenyl ether, or PBDE.
"To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of U.S. butter contaminated with PBDEs," said lead research Arnold Schecter, whose study was published Tuesday in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

U.N. Forecasts 10.1 Billion People by Century’s End

The population of the world, long expected to stabilize just above nine billion in the middle of the century, will instead keep growing and may hit 10.1 billion by the year 2100, the United Nations projected in a report released Tuesday morning.

Growth in Africa remains so high that the population there could more than triple in this century, rising from today’s one billion to 3.6 billion, the report said — a sobering forecast for a continent already struggling to provide food and water for its people.
The new report comes just ahead of a demographic milestone, with the world population expected to pass 7 billion in late October, only a dozen years after it surpassed 6 billion. Demographers called the new projections a reminder that a problem that helped define global politics in the 20th century, the population explosion, is far from solved in the 21st.

Do You Know Where To Bring Your Unused Electronics, Paint Cans, Computers, Cell Phones, etc ??

Click on the link to find out where your local recycling depots are and start that Spring Cleaning..

Do You Know Who Named as The # 1 Green Company??

You might be surprised to learn who the winner is...