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Be a Responsible Green Consumer

Live a simpler life.  Use less and buy less. Do you really need to buy that?  Can you rent it instead?  “Renting and Reusing” is an awesome motto to live by for greener living.   Shop at thrift store, junk yards, yard sales, salvage yards, etc. Don't knock it until you try it.  Many treasures can be found in the least expected places. 
Buy locally grown or locally owned products, produce and beverages. Inquire about the use of pesticides prior to purchasing. 

Stop catalogs, junk mail and phone book deliveries-internet shopping is very inexpensive if you need to make purchases-you can buy used items or new items.  My favorite tried and true is
When you are making purchases, read labels to ensure the product was manufactured by an environmentally conscious business.  
Its that time of year again!  Trying to come up with creative and original ideas for your Halloween events.  This is a great time to continue with your Green lifestyle and recycle & reuse. Take a look at some of the costumes here that have been recycled.

Home Spa Ideas Gone Green

'Oatmeal Skin Salve' Oatmeal can be very soothing to the skin and have  anti-inflammatory properties due to its content of Beta Glucan. The oatmeal creates a thin barrier on the skin that keeps the moisture in the skin from escaping-Locking in moisture! Great for folks with dry skin.
recipe: washcloth 1 cup of dry oatmeal warm water rubber-band
Place the cup of oatmeal into the center of the washcloth. Bring up the corners of the washcloth to close it up and rubber band to cause closure. Take the washcloth and dip the oatmeal portion into warm water and squeeze out the excess water. Do this several times (4-5x's) until the water that rinses out is cloudy. Now that the water is cloudy, take a handful of the warm cloudy oatmeal water and apply to your face as if you were rinsing off your soapy face.  Splash the oatmeal water onto your face two times without rubbing or drying it.  Let your face air dry.

'Super simple Loofa Scrub'