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Green Living Guide 2nd Edition - Help Yourself to the free clean download

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Items You Don't Think About Recycling

Take a look at this list of items you may have never thought to recycle.   Hair Don’t let your barber sweep away your locks unless the outfit is recycling their sweepings . Human hair is compostable and recyclable. Hair from your hairbrush or fur from your pet are full of useful nitrogen that can be thrown in the compost pile. Donating your hair could help clean up future oil spills. San Francisco nonprofit Matter of Trust collects human and pet hair to create booms that soak up oil. Currently, warehouses are full, but you can be placed on the email alert list when the need arrives again. Blue Jeans

Seattle Lights

I want to apologize for my delay in posting anything.  I just returned back from taking my oldest daughter to the College of Charleston for orientation and have been tied up for several days.  I will be back to my normal posting within a day or so.  For now, I thought some of these attached facts were interesting:  

Making recycled paper uses 30 percent to 55 percent less energy than making paper from trees.If you recycle a foot-tall stack of newspapers, you save enough energy to take a hot shower every day for a week. And considerable energy is saved by not trucking garbage to distant landfills.Other benefits of recycling: 95 percent less air pollution and one tree saved for every 150 pounds of paper you recycle.Americans already recycle 24 millions tons of paper a year, 29 percent of the paper we use. But there's room to improve. More than 50 million tons worth of room, in fact.For every household that recycles its daily newspaper, five trees are spared every year…

Greening Our Babies Bottoms

Having babies 60-100 years ago must have been a real headache.  I’ve got to hand it to moms of the past who had no disposable diapers and didn’t have our fancy disposable wipes.  What are our modern parents really doing to the environment?  Are those disposable wipes what we think they are?
Most of the disposable wipes come in a nice compact container that seals closed to ensure their freshness and moisture remains with the product.  These wipes can be very handy items, even for things other than a baby’s bottom. It’s very convenient to wipe up a quick mess on the floor or rub clean your 10 year olds face on the way to church with our handy disposable wipes.  But, what are those wipes really made of?

Aluminum Recycling Facts

Your Aluminum Coca Cola can that you drop into the recycling container is recycled-and-back on the market for it's next sale-in as little as 60 days. Now that's speedy service!
Aluminum beverage cans are the most recycled item in the U.S., so keep drinking the 7-UP and Coke.  Many people are not aware that they can recycle different types of Aluminum. Will you be replacing your Aluminum siding on your home?  You can recycle all of the old Aluminum that will be replaced.  Before you bring your used Aluminum siding to the recycling center- don't  forget to add any gutters, car components, storm window frames, and lawn furniture to the pile of recycling. As long as the product is completely Aluminum, it can be recycled.
Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours -- or the equivalent of a half a gallon of gasoline.
Here are some facts you may not know about Aluminum:

WORLD Environment DAY - June 5th

World Environment Day (WED) began in 1972 and has become a intense focus of the UN's in stimulating national environmental awareness.  The UN encourages politicians to apply attention and action to celebrate WED. Folks from all locations can work together to input their effort at ensuring a cleaner and greener lifestyle and focus on their Carbon footprint.   
Why not make a promise to initiate any one of the ideas on my blog site that will result in decreasing your Carbon footprint?  
The UN is encouraging folks to implement something/someone in honor of WED and want to hear from you with your plans and intent. 
As an avid supporter of the environment, I already maintain a solid green regime in my daily life so my plan is to start recycling all the aluminum we use at home and recycle(melt) the products for further use.  
Click the link to get more info or post your promise.  

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