WORLD Environment DAY - June 5th

World Environment Day (WED) began in 1972 and has become a intense focus of the UN's in stimulating national environmental awareness.  The UN encourages politicians to apply attention and action to celebrate WED. Folks from all locations can work together to input their effort at ensuring a cleaner and greener lifestyle and focus on their Carbon footprint.   
Why not make a promise to initiate any one of the ideas on my blog site that will result in decreasing your Carbon footprint?  
The UN is encouraging folks to implement something/someone in honor of WED and want to hear from you with your plans and intent. 
As an avid supporter of the environment, I already maintain a solid green regime in my daily life so my plan is to start recycling all the aluminum we use at home and recycle(melt) the products for further use.  
Click the link to get more info or post your promise.  


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