What are you going to do to play your part for Earth Day 2016 ??

 So far, we have achieved close to 3 billion "acts of green" together as a planet.  Sounds like a great how about joining in?

"Acts of Green" are an easy way to do your part and stay connected as a community and planet working towards the common goal of creating a greener planet by reducing our Carbon footprint.

Let me brief you on what is considered as an "act of green" or I might say... an act of service to the environment.

The list below contains things that we can do to make a difference.

1. Paris Agreement !!!  sign the petition - take the 80 seconds it takes to complete the petition to help put pressure on our world leaders to attend the UN Climate Change Conference in 2016.

2. Limit your meat consumption.This might be tough for some but its only one day a week.  The meat industry emits over 36 billion tons of greenhouse gases which equates to approximately one fifth of the greenhouse gases that are created by man alone.  Can you remove meat from your diet just one day of the week? If so, why not join in and take the pledge to commit to the "meatless Monday movement", click here to sign the  petition;

3. Compost !!!  Did you know that nearly a third of all the food that's prepared or produced for humans to ingest ends up wasted? By performing the simple act of composting you can reduce what you send to the landfill, there is no energy wasted in the process as its completely biological and it creates a very useful product.

Your composting efforts will result in a more nourish rich soil, keeps your soil moister, helps fight off diseases and pest infestation, reduces the need to purchase commercial fertilizers, creation of humus all while reducing carbon emissions by reducing the need to send your waste to the landfill ultimately reducing your carbon footprint.

Below are a few links to get you started on the road to composting.
*Simple starter direction on composting :
*Free ebook on composting:

4. Reduce the use of disposable plastic!!!  We all know how long the typical water/soft drink disposable plastic bottle spends in the landfill, don't we? I thought I knew this statistic but was flabbergasted to read some of the facts, take a quick look, please: 
** plastic h2o bottles = 1,000 years to biodegrade!
**plastic h2o bottles that are incinerated = toxic fumes into our atmosphere!!
** Only 1 out of 5 plastic h2o bottles are recycled (due to PET plastics not widespread)!!
** TWO million tons of plastic h2o bottles sit in our landfills!! 
** ~1.5 Million barrels of oil is used to produce the demands for plastic h2o bottle manufacturing!!

for more in detailed statistics take a look here

5. Reduce your footprint and take action now. Present day we (humans) are using 1.5 planets worth of resources every year!!  We only have this one planet, stop the insanity now folks, even if you can only achieve or or two "acts of green", its better than turning your head and doing nothing.

See how well you do in this simple quiz, click the link below and take the environmental quiz:

The remaining ideas on performing acts of green are as follows;
**buy local produce
**end junk mail
**recycle ewaste
Click the link below to read more about the three acts of green above;



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