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What Are Disposable Baby Wipes Doing To Our Environment and Our Families?

Having babies 60-100 years ago must have been a real headache. I've got to hand it to moms of the past who had no disposable diapers and didn't have our fancy disposable wipes.

What are our modern parents really doing to the environment by using these fancy disposable baby wipes?
Are those disposable wipes what we think they are? Most of the disposable wipes come in a nice compact container that seals closed to ensure their freshness and moisture remains with the product. These wipes can be very handy items,even for things other than a baby’s bottom. It’s very convenient to wipe up a quick mess on the floor or rub clear your 10 year old's face on the way to church with our handy disposable wipes.
** But, what are those wipes really made of?
This is something I never thought about until now, when my kids are nearing adulthood - the actual content of the wipe itself... 

So, I decided to investigate disposable baby wipes and was surprised to find out that a wipe can contain any …

The Canopy Project - Earth Day is not too far away!!

I can't think of a better way to celebrate Earth Day than to participate in the "Canopy Project".  We don't need to be wealthy or even well-off to make a difference.  The only thing needed is for you to care; care about the environment around you, care about the ground you walk on and the air you breath.   An excerpt from  "As part of its mission to protect natural lands and preserve the environment for all people, Earth Day Network developed The Canopy Project. Rather than focusing on large scale forestry, The Canopy Project plants trees that help communities - especially the world's impoverished communities - sustain themselves and their local economies. Trees reverse the impacts of land degradation and provide food, energy and income, helping communities to achieve long-term economic and environmental sustainability. Trees also filter the air and help stave off the effects of climate change. "  In order to read more or find out what i…