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SICK OF PAYING HIGH POWER BILLS ? Here are some resources on ways to save money within your household. Rebates, Programs, Free Solar, Government Programs, etc..

Were you aware that there are numerous government programs that will help pay or pay fully for you to implement appliances or solar into your home?

         I've been researching this topic over the past few weeks because I'm so sick of paying $250/month just for lights. Forget about summer time, my power bill is out of control with the A/C. Here is some information I found, please read all the way through as the final resource on this list is endless in its capacity.

1. Click the link below to bring you to a huge list of approximately 2,500 links.  This list will contain varying programs whereby you can then filter out your specific interests and search further. Click the blue key towards the top to the right titled " Apply Filter" and customize your search for your state and interest.  You can narrow down your search by inputting more specific programs or venues you are interested in. For example at the time of writing this, my state of NJ turned up with 7 separat…