Items You Don't Think About Recycling

    Take a look at this list of items you may have never thought to recycle.  
  1. Hair
  2.  Don’t let your barber sweep away your locks unless the outfit is recycling their sweepings .
    Human hair is compostable and recyclable. Hair from your hairbrush or fur from your pet are full of useful nitrogen that can be thrown in the compost pile. Donating your hair could help clean up future oil spills. San Francisco nonprofit Matter of Trust collects human and pet hair to create booms that soak up oil. Currently, warehouses are full, but you can be placed on the email alert list when the need arrives again.
  3. Blue Jeans
  4.  If they are too shredded to pass down or drop off at Goodwill, consider companies like Green Jeans Insulation and Bonded Logic.  These outfits manufacture insulation products from recycled denim and cotton fibers.  Also, Green Jeans Insulation recycles jeans into natural fiber insulation used for interior and exterior walls and ceiling applications.
  5. Wine
  6. Wine is said to be a zero-waste beverage and with your participation, it can be.  Wine bottles can by recycled in certain glass programs, and ReCORK America has drop-off locations for corks at local Whole Foods stores. The coolest part is that the actual wine, encourages the composting process. So, if you have any left over, toss it in your compost bin...
  7. Cotton
  8. is also food  for the compost bin. Cotton balls, cotton swabs (handle must be cardboard), lint from the dryer , unused shredded cotton and wool clothing can all go in your compost bin.
  9. Crayons
  10. National Crayon Recycle Program has saved more than 47,000 pounds of crayons from landfills. This company has drop off locations as well as mail-in options for your leftover. The program accepts unwanted and broken crayons for recycling into new crayons.
  11. Surfboards
  12. eSurf Recycling recycles all surfboards and surfboard waste materials. They produce varying products,  including asphalt and concrete for paving roadways. Pretty cool stuff from this company as they developed a method to produce 100 percent recycled yoga mats using neoprene scraps from wetsuit production.
  13. Keys
  14. Who doesn’t have  a drawer full of  unused keys,  you don’t have to toss them in the trash as they are recyclable due to their valued metal content.  Keys For Kindness is a small, family-run business designed to raise money through metal key recycling for the Multiple Sclerosis society.  You will need to pay for shipping, but it should help you sleep better at night.


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