CHINA - Turning trash into gold !! Capable of providing power to 100,000 homes

Huangjin Mountain Garbage burning power plant integrated with power grid and generating power. March 20th, The Huangjin Mountain garbage burning power plant finished it’s experimental phase and successfully began “eating garbage” to provide power for local citizens.

At 10:42pm March 20th there was an atmosphere of ecstatic welcoming at the facilities of the Huangjin Mountain garbage burning power plant. With the round the clock work of dozens of technical staff for over 500 days they successfully turned trash into treasure. Using high tech methods they are producing clean power from garbage, and through the Central China Power Grid are lighting up countless homes. In this moment Huangshi city has achieved their waste management dream of “decreased volume, harmlessness and conversion into a resource”.

According to Zhu Jinjun General Manager of Chuangguan Environmental (Huangshi) Co. Ltd, the Huangjin Mountain garbage burning power plant was originally scheduled to open on March 15th, but was set back due to some issues such as equipment testing delays, but at 3:15pm on March 19th the Huangshi Power Company successfully supplied 110Kv to their power generation system, supplying the power necessary to start up their equipment. Successful grid integration on the following day demonstrated garbage burning power generation smoothly progressed from the experimental stage to the operational testing stage.

According to information, the power plant’s equipment still has to pass a 96 hour operation test, and after another month or two of operational testing Huangjin Mountain garbage burning power plant will be able to begin formal operation. Under normal equipment operating conditions burning 1 ton of garbage will generate a maximum of 230KWh of electricity, the entire garbage burning plant can supply power for up to 100,000 homes.
On March 21st reporters arrived at the garbage ex-denning site and noticed a continuous flow of compactor trucks driving in, their big blue hatches opening up and dumping their garbage into a garbage dump pit roughly 42m deep. Within the pit was a mountain of garbage roughly 30m high. It turns out that the garbage Hunagshi residents throw away ends up in this pit, fermenting and awaiting processing. Two giant mechanical arms alternate picking up garbage and placing it on ex-denning platforms, after drying it is sent to the furnace for burning.

There are 17,000 tons of garbage piled up here, being this close to thousands of tons of garbage, reporters wondered why it didn’t have the same pungent smell as normal garbage dumps. Zhu Jinjun explained that the pit is a relatively enclosed space with negative air pressure. The methane and other noxious gases produced by this mountain of garbage are sucked into the furnace and burnt, so there is only a slight odor floating around the garbage pile.

Reporters learned that the No. 1 furnace is capable of burning over 300 tons of garbage per day while operational. On April 5th the No. 2 furnace will begin formal operation. With both furnaces they can burn 800 tons of garbage per day, this can satisfy the harmless waste processing needs of both Huangshi city and Daye city.


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