5 Simple Things You Can Do To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

How many of us feel like they just can't make a difference in the current environmental status of our planet? What can one person do with the daunting fact that, The Earths surface is ~197,060,800 square miles....
One person can make a difference--and a very big difference !!

Idea #1. Change all the light bulbs in your home/office/classroom, etc...to compact fluorescent bulbs. "If just one lightbulb was replaced with a compact fluorescent bulb in every American home, it would save enough energy to power 3 million homes for a year, prevent the emission of greenhouse gases equivalent to that of 800,000 cars, and save over $600 million in energy costs," says Maria Vargas, EnergyStar spokeswoman at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Idea #2. Unplug it when not in use--household items, (toaster, tv, stereo, cell phone, hair straightener, etc..) 75% of the energy that these appliances use is during power off mode while still plugged in. Just Unplug It!

Idea #3. Here is a great excuse to NOT wash your dishes by Hand, yes it's a great excuse!! If you have a dishwasher, use it. Did you know that you use 5x's the amount of water washing a sink full of dishes by hand than some of the newer water & energy saving dishwashers?

Idea #4. Water Bottles Water Bottles Everywhere !! 1,000 years for one water bottle to break down, thats incredible. I can visualize the planet being taken over by water bottles! Check out this website to get an awesome reusable water bottle for just $6.95 http://www.buysipngo.com/

Idea #5. This is one that I use quite frequently. Recycling of toilet paper and paper towel rolls. I just cut the the rolls into "slices" and use them as packing material. Instead of stuffing my packages with those foam Peanuts, I use these cardboard slices/shapes.
The basic building block of polystyrene is the non-recyclable chemical compound styrene. Chronic exposure to styrene is associated with central nervous system damage as well as skin, eye and respiratory irritation, depression, fatigue and compromised kidney function. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the International Agency for Research on Cancer both consider styrene a possible human carcinogen.

Lets give it a try. Start with just one of the ideas and move on from there.


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