Becoming ONE with Nature by EATING BUGS

Eating Bugs

Many bugs are edible; however bugs are not normally viewed as food in Western culture. Yet Non-western and indigenous societies have always eaten bugs.

Military survival manuals indicate that insects are an ideal food alternative. Nutritionists likewise report most bugs are good for your health.

And there is arguably no more intimate way of getting to know nature than by handling it with bare hands and even, yes, eating it.

Most insects are edible. Open your mind and then your mouth will open. Otherwise open your mouth anyway and your mind might open too!

Another hint: Catching them is half the fun.

Start with some research and start slowly e.g., I roasted a few cicadas this last semester - they taste like chicken, but they've got lots of crunchy bits. But now I'd be a lot more confident about catching them and eating them again:


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