'The legend of Sleepy Hollow'

'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow' is a classic story that most of us have heard of or even read at some point in childhood. Upon reading 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow', a piece that was found among the papers of the late Diedrich Knickerbocker, readers can expect their imaginations to have had a "work out". While reading this piece, the author describes his subjects so clearly, a reader can visualize graphically the stories foundation and setting. The author also used metaphors throughout his work that aided in the visual descriptions that he provides. The quote below is a piece that contains the authors extensive descriptions along with metaphors to further describe the setting.
"The school house stood in a rather lonely but pleasant situation, just at the foot of a woody hill, with a brook running close by, and a formidable birch tree growing at one end of it. From hence the low murmur of his pupils' voices, conning over their lessons, might be heard in a drowsy summer's day, like the hum of a bee-hive; interrupted now and then by the authoritative voice of the master, in the tone of menace or command; or, peradventure, by the appalling sound of the birch, as he urged some tardy loiterer along the flowery path of knowledge."

Another quote is listed below in which the author is describing a female that he has an interest in and contains great detail with the use of metaphors;
"She was a blooming lass of fresh eighteen; plump as a partridge; ripe and melting and rosy cheeked as one of her father's peaches, and universally famed, not merely for her beauty, but her vast expectations."


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