Recycle 101 Tips of the day...

Dont throw out your old:  buttons and pantyhose.

The old button that no longer serves it's purpose can be great for keeping earrings paired up and easy to access.  So often I lose the backs to my earrings, just clamping each earring to each hole in the button, you will be sure to keep the set from walking away.  In a pinch, just rip the top of a pencil eraser off and it serves as a great temporary earring back.

Pantyhose can work out great in your garden.  They can tie up your staked plants, hang potted plants and can also be used to scrub dirt spots off most items.  They have a great natural abrasive to them (depending on the brand and style) that can scrub off tough spots on numerous surfaces.

Are you stuck and need a nail file?  Grab a matchbook and utilize the "striking patch" as the file, it will serve your immediate need.
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