Recycling 101 Tips and Tricks

What is tin foil made of?  Tin?
Actually, tin foil is made of aluminum.  When recycling, this is important to know to ensure you recycle appropriately.  If you are unsure as to the proper recycling direction for aluminum or any products in your tin, Contact your town recycling center who can provide you with more than enough info on what and how to recycle your home products.

Do you have a subscription to magazines, newspapers, etc. that you receive on a regular basis?
These are items that can be recycled in many ways.  You can; 1. share your subscription with another person which splits the cost and reduces the production of the materials.  2.  newspaper is very effective to clean mirrors and windows.  Yes, newspaper.  using your window cleaner of vinegar and water mixture, apply to surface and use your newspaper exactly as you would use the paper towel, towel or whatever product you normally use when cleaning your windows. you will have a streak free shine.  3. families with school age children it's a good idea to keep your magazines around the house for awhile as often school projects and assignments entail cutting our articles from newspaper for current events. Or, cutting articles and/or pictures from magazines for posters and other projects your children may have.  check with your town recycling center on the proper way to recycle your media after you have used it to it's complete capability.

Compost plastic?  Who would ever think to compost plastic items?
More frequently plastics are being manufactured with recyclable materials, so check out the label before you buy.  Look for items that are made from corn or potato starch and you can use it in your backyard compost.

Protecting your items you ship in the mail.
Those bubble packed mailing folders that are used to protect our items for shipping are NOT recyclable.  Try to reuse these mailers by slapping a label completely over the original shipping demographic information and it will be just like a brand new mailer.  Use toilet paper and paper towel rolls in place of those "peanuts" or bubble wrap.  With a scissor you can cut numerous "rings" out of the roll.  cut to the size you need whether it be 1/4" wide or 1" wide, you will end up with a bunch of rings that are recyclable and will protect your items as well.

Do you use canned drinks or food items?  If so, crush your cans to a flat disc before you recycle and remove any labels that may be on the can. Your recycling center will love you for it and you will be doing your part in living greener.

Stop by again for more recycling 101 tips and tricks.


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