OMG Throwing Lead & Mercury Into Regular Trash

There is a devastating problem in the United States in reference to recycling fluorescent light bulbs!
Some of our local businesses are not recycling their fluorescent light bulbs-- they are throwing their toxic chemical containing bulbs in the regular trash! 
·         Speaking to those companies that don’t recycle; if you are satisfied with running the risk of brain, kidney and lung damage and don’t mind heart, bone, gastrointestinal, and reproductive or nervous system diseases than, by all means, don’t make any changes to the way in which you are disposing of your fluorescent light bulbs [in the regular trash] and continue to contaminate our lives and our offspring’s lives. 
·         If you don’t care about the Mercury and Lead that potentially can affect our livestock, vegetation, drinking water and stratosphere- than don’t make any changes to the way in which you are disposing of your fluorescent light bulbs[into the Regular Trash]. 
·         If you don’t  mind paying the state of Idaho upwards of $32,000.00 for every occurrence of improper disposal your company incurs, than by all means-run the risk of contaminating yourself, your loved ones, our environment and the generations to come by[in the regular trash] . 
The decision to recycle fluorescent bulbs should be a “no brainer” and the choice you should make is clear - “recycle fluorescent light bulbs.”
Recycling these bulbs is very easy and will cost you far less than the state of Idaho will charge your business for blatant non-compliance of recycling fluorescent light bulbs. When participating in a ‘Collection Program’ the first step is to hire a trustworthy, professional electrical contractor that is actively performing fluorescent light bulb recycling as per Idaho regulations.  Beware, there are contractors and companies that may tell you they are recycling your bulbs when in reality, they are just dumping them in the regular trash.   Ask for proof of recycling, examine their credentials and check with the local Better Business Bureau to investigate the companies past. 
Once you have hired an electrical contractor, they will supply you with the appropriate recycling containment system in which the fluorescent bulbs need to be placed and held until pick up.  The bulbs will need to be carefully placed into form fitting recesses within the recycling container and kept in a safe place. Lastly, your pick up service will be a scheduled based on the size of your organization and your usage of fluorescent bulbs.  Pick up day arrives, and off go your bulbs to be recycled compliantly. 
In conclusion, ensure you find a reputable electrical contractor and they will make recycling fluorescent light


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