Simple Green Ideas to Keep You Warm this Winter


Who doesn't love a win win situation? Insulate your home the green way!

Lower your utility bills this winter by making some insulation changes and you will reduce your Carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels. 

A double wammy is choosing your insulation products that are recycled materials or items and/or are environmentally friendly manufactured products.  I haven't found a person who doesn't like to save money and the majority of the people I meet want to live a cleaner and greener lifestyle.

    *old jeans, the cotton fibers in your old jeans work just as good as the pink fluffy insulation numerous buildings and homes have but have none of the health risks the pink stuff has.
    **caulk around the windows, inside and out of all the cracks, holes and any unwanted spacing where heat can escape and freezing cold air can get in.

    **sand to replace the pink stuff

    **If you have to use the pink fluffy insulation, make sure its got no added formaldehyde.  Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and is often used as an adhesive adhereing the fibers together. The formaldehyde has a tendency to evaporate of time and can seep into your homes structure and living space. 

    **All hands off the thermostat
Add afghans, fleece blankets, hoodie, snuggies etc. to your everyday decor ie... drape the afghan over the back of your easy chair and couch - of course you want to try and match your decor.  Those nice little 12x12 fleece throws you can pick up for under $10, have several in the most trafficy rooms of the house (living room, family room, library,etc),  you can even stack them up to create a rainbow of fashion tower.  Grab some snuggies or make your own snuggies out of old fleece sweatshirts, blankets or material.

     **An insulating blanket can reduce standby heat loss by 25-40%, resulting in a 4-9% savings on your energy bill. A blanket’s cost ranges from only $10-20 and is generally easy to install.Water heater manufacturers do not recommend insulating new water heaters with higher energy factors. These newer models already have a sufficient level of jacket insulation.



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