Summer is Sizzling and Sustainability Shouldn't be put on the Back Burner!! Simple ways to live Green this summer.


Most definitely my favorite season, summer is.  I love all the outdoor activity thats available and the late nights with long daylight but, it can get pretty hot depending on where you are in the country.  There are ways to keep your lifestyle green in the summer heat.

Barbecuing and summer just go hand in hand, whats one without the other?  Well, how about putting away those charcoal briquettes, they are dirty and really add to poor air quality... Alternatives would be propane or even electric.

While turning off the a/c is not an option for some geographical areas, we can program the use of our systems and end up saving up to $200 a year in electric.  Add ceiling fans in where appropriate and go to the beach, the pool, the creek or the woods, and cool off.

Going to the park or camping, try and use reusable plates, cups and utensils for the picnic basket to reduce your trash output.  Most of all, replace your plastic water bottles with reusable water bottles.  The average plastic water bottle will spend upwards of 400 years in a landfill before it biodegrades.

Dont forget the sunscreen!  You need to protect yourself and your family from the intense uv rays.  Why not choose a green sunscreen?  Makes more sense. A great brand to try is; Badger all natural sunscreen, it tops the list of must haves.

Dont forget to take it easy on the watering of your lawn, garden and washing of your cars.  Schedule these tasks on odd or even days and set a timer.    


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