It's Real Have No Doubts! Greenhouse Gas Effects 

     If you haven't followed the environmental news of late, you may not know about the prodigious change that President Obama signed into office with regard to carbon, that's right, carbon. Up to this point, there were no restrictions or regulations on the amount of carbon pollution that is fumed into the air everyday by factories, production plants and numerous other sources.

     As you may or may not know, its the carbon in the air that is the main culprit for global warming, the carbon actually traps the hot air into the environment and keeps it in our atmosphere.

     Friday, September 20th, 2013 was a turning point within the environmental field when Gina McCarthy, the administrator of the US EPA, made the announcement and reviewed the new reasonable limits on carbon pollution regulations emitted by power plants and factories of tomorrow.

     This is a new birth, never before occurred and a nice swing in the right direction at attacking global climate change.

     For a link to the full article, just click below.


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