GAS PRICES GOT YOU FRUSTRATED??  Check the prices before you fill up at the pump to ensure you are paying the lowest possible price in your area.

Just click the link below and when you land on the Gasbuddy website type in your zip code and click the green 'search' button.

Its really that simple and very fast.
In addition to the website, they also offer app's for your smartphone ( i haven't loaded the app so I can't comment on it's usage).  
Addendum to this post!!  I have the Gas Buddy app on my Android smartphone and I love it.  Its accurate up to the second and you can use it on the fly.  What I mean is, it uses gps locating to find your location wherever you are and loads a list of all the stations in your surrounding area with their prices.  The list will even come up by price, listing the lowest to highest for your convenience.  I use my several times a week depending on my driving habits.  I highly recommend this one. 


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