Benjamin Franklin

For reasons I can't seem to attain, I've struggled extensively on writing this Benjamin Franklin assignment. I'm wrestling with transforming my thoughts of the Benjamin Franklin I've learned of long ago as the father of our country, to Benjamin Franklin, the esteemed writer.

Without ever coming to a conclusion as to what I want to say, Im just going to let my thoughts take me through.

After reading Franklins autobiography several times I can conclude that he is a brilliant man of many acccomplishments, and in my opinion was the catalyst to a "new America". This "new America" consisted of a renewed 19th century thoughts and actions and left the American 18th century thought with no action behind. Reading through excerpts of his work, often I was required to read three and four times in order to comprehend the point Franklin was making. His use of words and grammar were extraordinary. There was an excerpt that I found entertaining that seemed to show us a tidbit of Franklins "naughty side".

At length, a fresh difference arising between my brother and me, I took upon me to assert my freedom, presuming that he would not venture to produce the new indentures. It was not fair in me to take this advantage, and this I therefore reckon one of the first errata of my life; but the unfairness of it weighed little with me, when under the impressions of resentment for the blows his passion too often urged him to bestow upon me, though he was otherwise not an ill-natur'd man: perhaps I was too saucy and provoking.

It seems as thought Franklin is confirming he did something that wasn't as wholesome as he should have, based on his morals and values. While admitting that he knows his abandoning his brother was wrong, he justified himself as he reminisced of the past and the actions his brother inflicted upon him. Along with that, he leads us to understand that as we continue to read there will be further "less wholesome" actions committed by himself.


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