Recycling Numbers

I love reading the statistics about recycling or in some cases, not recycling.  Most of the time, the numbers are jaw droppers.  Here is a quick list of some recycling statistics:

·         554,000 trees can be saved if every family in America replaced just ONE roll of their regular roll of paper   towels and purchased a roll of 100% recycled towels.  Just one roll is not much of a sacrifice if you ask me.
·         51.5% of the paper that the US used in 2005 was recycled.
·         74% of the office paper the US used in 2009 was recycled.  Upward trends are awesome to see.
·         60% of American’s yard foliage recycled/recovered in 2009.  
·         34% of America’s metals were recycled in 2009. 

Here are some interesting facts about the recycling of paper compliments of the Public Recycling Officials of Pennsylvania.  They claim that every ton of paper that is recycled, said items are saved:
·         17 trees
·         275 lbs. Sulfur
·         350 lbs. of Limestone
·         9,000 lbs. of steam
·         60,000 gallons of water
·         225 Kilowatt hours
·         3.3 cubic yards of landfill space
The actual energy that is used to recycle paper is nearly 70% less than the amount needed to manufacture paper from scratch. 
For every 14 trees worth of recycled paper is a 165,142 ton reduction in air pollutants. 

For information on recycling paper, check out this link: 


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