GREEN your Back To School Tips

It's that time again when paper and pencils and new clothes become a strain on your wallet but seem to be a necessity. You can still maintain your GREEN lifestyle and continue to monitor your Carbon footprint while you shop for your kids back to school supplies.

1. Buy only what is needed
2. Reuse backpacks from previous years that still have life.  My kids would often swap their packs around to mimic that new pack feel.
3. Try to get some of their necessities at thrift shops.
4. When buying backpacks-stick with Terracycle - they recycle by constructing their totes with billboard vinyl. or, Ecogear recycles and makes their backpacks with recycled water bottles.
5. Have a sewing machine?  try sewing your own backpack/tote from an old blazer.
6. Conserve paper, look for paper products with the highest recycled content available.
7. Conserve paper by using both sides.
Make a statement and really help our trees by viewing the "Print a Forest Program". 

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