Recycle your Ink Cartridges-Dont throw them in the trash

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Don’t throw your empty ink cartridges in the trash!  Do you care about your Carbon footprint and want to live greener?  You can start by recycling your ink cartridges. 
 Most of the plastic in your ink cartridges is not biodegradable. Take a look at these quick facts about your ink cartridges.   
·         The average time it takes an ink cartridge to decompose is 450 years.
·         Every second in the US, 8 ink cartridges are thrown away in the regular trash. 
·         It takes a gallon of oil to make a new ink cartridge. 
·         Some cartridges that are made with industrial plastics take 1000 years to decompose. has made it easy for you to recycle your ink cartridges. They will provide the postage that is needed to ship your cartridges for you.  All you need to do is to log onto  and print out the label and package your cartridges.  Its that simple.  There is no reason why you should be disposing your empty ink cartridges in your regular waste.


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